Die Head

HSIN-LONG Blown Film Dies are used for the production of mainly Mono- and Multi-Layer Films with up to 11 Layers Die Head.
The Lip Diameter of Die Heads are available between 15mm and 1500 mm.


  • .Accuracy in Concentricity, Circularity and Verticality
  • .Good Film Thickness Tolerances
  • .High Extrusion Capacity
  • .Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • .Fast Color-Change and Reduction of Material Waste
  • .Internal and External Cooling

The Highest Quality of

  • .Innovative Design Principles and Ideas
  • .Computer Drawing Auxiliary System
  • .Precision Construction and Manufacturing
  • .100% Made in Taiwan
  • .Strict Quality Management

Strict Quality Management

  • .Packaging Film
  • .Barrier Film for food packaging
  • .Technical Film for high-tech applications
  • .Sealing Film
  • .Agricultural Film
  • .Lamination Film
  • .Medical Film
  • .Shrink and Stretch Film
  • .TPU Film
  • .Biodegradable Plastic Bag / Green Plastic Bag
Die Head for producing_Food Packaging Film

Food Packaging Film

threading Die Heads for producing_Agricultural Film

Agricultural Film

for Plastic Blown Film Manufacturing_Medical Film

Medical Film