Technology, Reliable and World-class Quality
Technology is one of the cornerstones for HSIN-LONG’s sustainable development. Understanding the importance of a combination of wisdom and technology, we employ advanced CAD software, SolidWorks and 3D modeling software to design and develop products as demanded by customers, and set up a taskforce to implement every R&D project for enhanced added-value secured through innovation and thinking ahead. Over a half century of development has seen HSIN-LONG evolve into a professional manufacturer with top-end technology and profound know-how, who is capable of offering high-quality, high-performance products that can exceed customers’ expectations.
Providing customers with high-quality products and services centered on technology within the shortest time possible is a formula for HSIN-LONG’s competitiveness. HSIN-LONG has earned solid reputations among customers for providing absolutely reliable professional services and total solutions, as well as extremely competitive OEM services.
During the product R&D process, HSIN-LONG draws on its professionalism at the development and production of precision components for plastic and rubber machinery to give customers advices on how to optimize product design and corresponding production processes before they are aware of them, in an effort to make sure each product made by HSIN-LONG can meet or even exceed customer’s requirements in aspects of performance and precision.
Throughout the whole production process, HSIN-LONG carries out complete QC measures, including raw material testing in the beginning, mold flow analysis during production and assembly quality controls in compliance with the most stringent international standards in the final stage, not to mention constantly providing customers with professional advices. While HSIN-LONG has passed ISO-9001 certification, its products all have been CE-marked. Plus, a variety of advanced quality testing and inspection instruments are employed in its independently established QC lab. Uncompromising commitment to quality is one of HSIN-LONG’s invaluable traits, which sets the company apart from competitors in the line and gives it the ability to work out high-quality, high-performance products beyond customers’ expectations.