• Multi-Layer Die Head

    Since there are kinds of materials will be extruded at the same time, the flow channel with special design helps polymers to flow smoothly without any residue. The design of Die Head is available to divided into spiral and stackable type which both have their characteristics. As the need of marketing trend and the transformation in blown film industry, it allows kinds of additives to improve its functional advantages including water-proof, anti UV, stabilizer, recycled material and so on. HSIN LONG is available to offer Multi-Layers Extrusion Die Head from 3 up to 11 layers for customers to choose which is also customized.
  • Accuracy in Concentricity, Circularity and Verticality
  • Good Film Thickness Tolerances
  • High Extrusion Capacity
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Fast Color-Change and Reduction of Material Waste
  • Internal and External Cooling
  • With the appropriate pressure-drop
  • Average retention time
  • The equilibrium of flow rate
Die Accuracy
Concentricity Circularity Squareness
0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01/100mm
Die Type
  • Rotary type
  • Stationary type
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