Multi-Layers Co-Extrusion Plastic Film Blowing Machine

Relying on the many years manufacturing experience of extrusion products, we understand the principle of each process of plastic blown film extrusion, we have the manufacturing capacity of blown film production line. Besides, HSIN LONG’s Plastic Film Blowing Machine is customized which depends on characteristics of raw materials and final applications. Before designing the products, HSIN LONG emphasizes on communications and discussion with customers in order to build the reliance with customers. Depending on the use of material, we offer from 3 layers up to 5 layers co-extrusion plastic film blowing machine. Also, the final products have all the desired properties at a significantly reduced cost.

  • Packaging Film
  • Barrier Film for Food Packaging
  • Technical Film for High-tech Applications
  • Sealing Film
  • Agricultural Film
  • Lamination Film
  • Medical Film
  • Shrink and Stretch Film
  • TPU Film