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Extruder Filter


Extruder Filter is an essential component in the Plastic Film Blowing Machine which is called the cleaner. It protects the flow channel from damage by the dusty and filter the contaminants out as well. Depends on the different materials and extruders, customers are able to choose different types of filters to meet their requirements. Filter is allocated between the Extruder and the Extrusion Die Head. In order to fit the different types of feeding system and adjust the layout of equipment, it is available to install extra adapter, connector and joint for Filter. Furthermore, Filter increases friction drag of the bleeding material to bring back pressure and make the material mix well.


A well performance extruder film without any wrinkled reflects the quality of a machine. To reach this goal, the operation of each component in Plastic Film Blowing Machine is necessary. And the Filter is the first process and key concern to this issue. The main function of Filter is to keep the impurity out from the film which includes the pollution and unmelted material such as metal, wood and paper. By removing the granule and dusty out, it brings the clean film without impurity and improves the quality of film as well.


Depending on different application of Plastic Film Blowing Machine, the options for Blown Film Machine Filter will be various. HSIN LONG offers the Filter, Manual Screen Changer and Durable Screen Changer for customer to choose.