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Plastic Film Blowing Machine


Plastic Film Blowing Machine is widely used for producing plastic film. These products are applied in our daily life very often from the normal daily essentials to healthcare industry and even more. Plastic Film Blowing Machine is a mechanical equipment with high technique and precision setting to produce plastic film. Depending on the distinct configuration of the mechanical setting, the quality of film would be totally different. These influential factors include the types of Extruder Die Head, ways of operation, and choice of materials. HSIN LONG is the professional supplier and manufacturer of blown film machines in Taiwan, offering a wide range of Plastic Film Blowing Machines and its related components which are available to all the countries.


The main production process of plastic film blowing machines is to turn the polymer material into plastic films. Putting the raw material in the hopper of the blown film extruder at first. By the transportation of screws, material will be melted and become molten. Passing flow to the filter where to remove the impurities out and keep the material clear for the next blowing process. The material forms as a bubble tube from the extruder die head and is pulled up and flattened by the take-up unit. Following the winding paths, the plastic film winds as a complete roll which is the final process of plastic film production. This is the basic production process of plastic film blowing machines to produce films. Further, depending on the use of plastic film, the choice of plastic film blowing machine types will be totally different.

Common Materials for Blown Film Extrusion

Different resins are used depending on the end product’s intended purpose.

    PP Copolymer
    PA6, CoPA


According to the film width of final application, use of materials and demands of film, it will collocate with different types of Plastic Film Blowing Machine. Plastic Film Blowing Machines include HDPE and LDPE Blown Film Machine, ABA Blown Film Machine and Multi-Layers Blown Film Machine. Furthermore, in order to reach the special needs, mixing different functional materials such as additive, Anti-UV, waterproof, heat preservation, toughness, etc.

  • HDPE Plastic Film Blowing Machine
  • LDPE Plastic Film Blowing Machine
  • ABA Plastic Film Blowing Machine
  • Three Layers ABA Plastic Film Blowing Machine
  • Multi-Layers Plastic Film Blowing Machine


As for different industry, the application of plastic film covers a wide range which depends on the requirements of customers which including people’s livelihood products, medical supplies, agriculture film, and even biodegradable use. The various products application offer customers diverse choice to satisfy their demands.

    Shopping Bags
    T-shirt Bags
    Trash Bags
    Carry Bags
    Biodegradable Plastic Bag / Green Plastic Bag
    Liner bags
    Garbage bag
    General purpose film
    Packaging Film
    Barrier Film for food packaging
    Technical Film for high-tech applications
    Sealing Film
    Agricultural Film
    Medical Film
    Shrink and Stretch Film
    TPU Film