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Blown Flim Take-Up Unit (Haul-Off)


The Take-Up Unit (Haul-Off) is a device set at the highest part of the Plastic Film Blowing Machine and main to pull up the blown film bubble tube which extruded out from the Die Head. The main function of Take-Up Unit is to flatten the bubble tube into lay flat film for the following process of Blown Film Winder. Further, the line speed (take-up speed) is the primary device to control the film thickness and the stability of film as well.


When the film first comes from the Die Head, it is molten. By blowing air through air pipes into the molten film, it turns into a bubble tube. Supported by Stabilizer / Blown Film Bubble Cage, the bubble tube is stretched up with a stable shape. Regarding the difference of materials, the Collapsing Frame offer wood and aluminum type for customers to choose. Reaching the top position where Take-Up Unit is, then pass through the nip rollers which are composed of a robber roller and a steel roller. The interaction between these two rollers squeezes all the air out from the bubble tube and makes it extremely flat without any wrinkles on it. Besides, the inverter and motor drive to offer a stable line speed (take-up speed) for the continuous pulling of the bubble tube. For customers who need the film with a gusset on both sides, it is available to equip with a gusset device as well.


Depending on different applications of Plastic Film Blowing Machine, the options for Take-Up Unit will be various. The basic type of Take-Up Unit is the fixed one which is used for the normal film products. For Multi-Layers Blown Film Machine and more dedicated film products, HSIN LONG offers the Oscillating Haul-Off System with horizontal and vertical these two types. As for different needs of extrusion plastic film, customers are available to choose types of Take-Up Unit (Haul Off) to meet their requirements.