Founded by Mr. Chen Jung-Hsiang in 1968, HSIN-LONG Thread Rolling Machine Co., Ltd. was initially engaged in contract manufacturing of machinery parts, and then decided to draw on its technological superiority to kick off the journey to a world-caliber branded manufacturer, with its production facilities being greatly expanded in 2007 and 2016 each.

With 100% made completely in Taiwan for qualitative consistency

Bolstered by keen insights into ever-changing market trends coupled with over a half century of expertise at professional manufacturing, the company today specializes in developing and making high-quality, high-performance die heads and related components specifically for blown film machines.With 100% made completely in Taiwan for qualitative consistency, as well as everlasting devotion to working out new products for higher-tech blown film and plastic and rubber machines, and coherent effort by all employees on customer satisfaction, HSIN-LONG, which adheres to continuous improvements and innovation, has obtained ISO-9001 certificate and CE marking, and hence effectively marketed its products worldwide.

HSIN-LONG is well on its way to a globally leading brand of die heads and related components.

In light of the importance of talent incubation and training, HSIN-LONG has continuously dispatched its workers to world’s major professional trade fairs to explore business opportunities, and seen its products well accepted by customers in 107 different countries in the seven continents of the world. Through continued technology exchanges with partners at home and abroad, the company has been versed at making die heads with up to 11 layers and maximum diameter of 1,500mm, with cumulative exports already exceeding 50,000 sets. Taking on global competition and challenges for sustainable growth jointly with customers, HSIN-LONG is well on its way to a globally leading brand of die heads and related components.