Thinking from Customer’s Point of View

Customer centricity lies at the heart of HSIN-LONG’s service. Sticking to this concept, HSIN-LONG is able to better understand what products or services are truly needed by customers through thinking from their points of view, rather than merely observing them.

A Good Grasp of Real-life Situations

HSIN-LONG adheres to the implementation of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act) throughout the production process. In each stage of PCDA cycle, we go out off office to workshops to find out why problems happened on spot and ascertain causes of them in actual situations, as we insist that only getting a solid grasp of real-life situations through real-time observations is the most effective way to make sure whether problems actually occur and how to solve them, which, in turn, makes for better decision-making process for the next action to be taken. When encountering problems, we believe that whether sophisticated knowledge or splendid theories can be used to effectively solve them rests with how well our firsthand information learnt in actual situations are complemented with the knowledge or theories.

Comfortable with Challenges

We will work hard to achieve every goal we set, continue to challenge ourselves, and seek out new growth opportunities. At the same time, we will never be content with the status quo, but always prepared for new challenges.

Esprit de Corps

We have shared goals among different departments, working as a team and assuming our responsibilities within the team. In HSIN-LONG, esprit de corps cultivated in each worker’s mindset helps to increase cross-departmental collaboration and result in higher operational efficiency and effectiveness.