Based on the knowledge of polymer analysis, mold design and precision machining, we utilize mold flow simulation software to conduct finite element analysis of simulation results of the effects of various necessary processes, such as packing, cooling and warping, to the structure of a mold, and to detect and check the best symmetry and balance point of pressure distribution at the end of the mold flow. The method is applied in design of extrusion dies and analysis of co-extrusion and blown film manufacturing processes, to help enhance functionality of films, promote the integration of new & old equipment and technologies, improve client’s film quality and output, and reduce plastic waste and energy consumption.

Mold Flow Analysis

HSIN-LONG’s die heads mainly apply to the production of films for food packaging, construction and agricultural and medical purposes, mostly for export. For now, we have ventured into the R&D and production of extrusion machines, systems and dies for high-performance, high value-added films for textile, 4C, optical and new mobile power source industries.

The use of mold flow analysis in mold design and manufacturing helps to enhance product competitiveness. To HSIN-LONG and its customers, which aim to catch up with Industries 4.0 trend, possessing necessary knowledge, patents and intellectual property rights for blown film machine key components, developing own brands to build competitive advantages in the market, developing state-of-the-art blown film machine production lines, and expanding operations and profits are indispensable.