How to Choose Your Blown Film Die Head?

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The Blown Film Die Head is the core component of Plastic Film Blowing Machine. A well-designed Die Head is to distribute the melted polymer evenly. Customers may wonder what is the definition of good die head and how to choose it, here are some key points below to check.

What is a good die head?

✔ GAP - good film thickness tolerance
✔ WIDTH - without any uneven edges on the film
✔ CAPABILITY - high output with stable supply
✔ MATERIAL CHANGE - fast and no waste

Further, depending on the different specification and usage habit, the choosing of Die Head will be different. As a result, to get the complete information from customer in order to provide the suitable collocation for customers, here are some point we need to confirm first.

How to select your die head?

✔ Choose the material
✔ Find the final application
✔ Decide the film width and thickness
✔ Evaluate the required output

Apart from the well performance of product, the service is also a significant factor to present a good die head. Since each product is a brand new and customized project, it takes more time to evaluate the execution. As a result, HSIN LONG will lead customers to select the suitable product and find the most appropriate item to increase their benefit. That is the service-dominant logic which we insist.


For each customer, HSIN LONG offers a complete service from order discussing to machine testing. In order to contact with customers immediately, there are several ways to keep in touch with customers which includes on-line meeting, mail delivery, phone message and phone call. Trying out to use the shortest time to reach the request from customers and select the most competitive product for them is what HSIN LONG keeps working for.

Besides, to improve the design ability and products accuracy, the research and design team import the CAD, CAM and SolidWorks to support technicians. Using the computers to conduct analysis, simulation, design, drawing and plan the manufacturing projects to control the whole process of producing as well. In order to guarantee the quality of products, using the precision devices to check and inspect each part is necessary. In additional to all-round service, HSIN LONG also focus on the machine design, product manufacture, quality inspection, component assembly, and good examine to show our features of detail oriented.

If you want to get more information about Hsin Long’s products mentioned above, we welcome you to visit HSIN LONG’s official website and inquiry about any product and dies you are interested in. Their specialist team will help you to find and develop the most suitable choice for your production.